The End

Well, there are only two full days left in Vienna, then we all fly back home Saturday morning. Am I sad? Yes. Living here has become so normal and the transition back home will be a challenge. I feel like my brain and emotions are a bit confused, adapting to a different culture to be


This past weekend was planned very last minute, and I ended up going to Paris. I didn’t think I would be able to visit the city this semester, and I really didn’t have any expectations. The main reason I went was to meet up with my parents (which was a pretty great place to reunite

Fall Break Madness

Last week we had a 10 day break from school, so of course the plan was to run all over Europe. Planning this was kind of a nightmare, but worth it. I took a small backpack, I wore the same clothes every day, and barely showered. Gross? More like adventurous. I’d say traveling is just


This was my second visit to Germany, and honestly I would go back every weekend if I could. Its so much more beautiful than I had pictured, and a lot different from Austria. The main reason for going was so see Glen Hansard, in the flesh, sing with his sublime voice and play the heck out


Last week, our group spent an entire week in Italy, and we visited Rome, Florence and Siena. It was a lot of history packed in to a week, but its my favorite way of learning- talking about historical events, then going to see the place where it happened. Rome We spent the first few days


Ok so Im a little behind on this post but better late then never, right? I’ve been trying to gather all the pictures for the post (because I only took 2 myself! Photo credits go to Jenna and Frau Swann) Last week I went to Köln Germany First time on a night train! I went with


Today I decided to have a new adventure. After class I hopped on a train to the town of Puchberg am Schneeberg. The highlight of the little village is the Schneeberg, the tallest mountain in lower Austria.  I hiked up the mountain (not the Schneeberg, but the little cousin. Navigational difficulties) and sat in a